Harisha Konakanchi

We send our daughter to this day care. We joined her at the age of 10 months. It's been more than 1 and half year since she joined. We are very happy with the day care. They feed the child very well. They have good daily activities and special activities for each occasion like Thanksgiving, Halloween.. My daughter's learning is also good at the day care. They have a good play area for the kids. We are very grateful to Dona and Aunty. I highly recommend this daycare.

Ahunna Onyenwenyi

I was one of those mothers that did not think highly of daycare centers. I preferred a nanny and had one for my son for his first year. Ms Dona and her mum changed my mind. My 15 months son is very happy at Little Hands Family Child Care and is developing very well. The smile on his face when I drop him off in the morning and when I pick him in the evening is priceless. Thank you Ms Dona for calming the fears of one anxious first time Mum.

Nagaraja Vadlakunta

What can I say about Miss Dona and her mother , they are the BEST. My daughter started to going Little Hands family child care when she is 1.5yrs old. Now she is 3.5yrs. My daughter loves them and other kids in care. They teaches coloring, reading , writing , math etc .. and most important things like manners and friendship. They are very patient and good observers on kids. When I go to work I donít have to worry about my daughter since she is in good hands. I referred couple of my friends and they are sending their kids. They are totally happy with the choice. Kids simply love them. Lots of thanks to Miss Dona and her mother for all the care and love.

Cara Helm-Wallace

My son has been going to Miss Dona for over a year now. He has been potty trained, he is learning to read, and knows his letters and numbers. They are very good to my son and treat him like he's one of their own. I am so thankful for Dona and her mom as they have taken such good care of my son.

Mark Costa

Miss Dona and her mother are lovely. My daughter started to go to Little Hands Family Child Care 6 months ago. She has discovered new things every day. She likes to color, paint, music time, and play outside. She also has made good friends at school! Little Hands Family Child Care is a safe place and my daughter has a wonderful time every day.

Jyothi Abhijit

Little Hands Family Day Care is a great day care. I enrolled my daughter here when she was 11 month old. Now she is 2.11 years old. My daughter absolutely loves this place and will be excited to go everyday morning. My daughter has learnt a lot with respect to social and academic skills. Miss Donna and her mom give personal attention to my kids always. I feel comfortable and tension free leaving my little girl here. Miss Donna is a trained Montessori teacher. She follows a Montessori curriculum and teaches the kids according to their age. The day care is big and very clean. They are very caring and professional. They communicate with the parents constantly and provide the progress of your child every month. Overall, if you are looking for family day care for your child and provide them a homely atmosphere, this is the place to go for. I recommend this place for all the parents.

Rajesh Satapathy

I got to know about Ms Dona and her child care program through one of my family friend's strong referral. My son started there only a month ago. Before sending him to Ms Dona, he was never willing to sit down for tracing any letters or coloring or even holding a crayon! Within a month, I can see a great difference in him. Ms Dona and her Mom are very caring, they treat the kids very affectionately and they give a lot of personal attention towards the development of the child!

Suganya Jayendran

Miss Dona is the best.Our daughter has been going to Little Hands family Child care from when was about 14 months old and now our son 12 months old is also going to the same day care.Our daughter is a well behaved 4.5yrs old now (Kudos to Dona and her Mom).The in home day care atmosphere is a positive, clean, safe environment. Dona is flexible, patient and always willing to go the extra mile to assist you and your kids.She loves each child, and cares for them as if they were her own. As a parent, I could not ask for anything better! I will recommend her to any parent looking for good quality childcare services. My kids absoultely love Miss Dona and her mom. Pick little hands family child care and you can be sure your kids are in safe hands.

Prasanna Muniswaran

Where to begin?? We brought our daughter Megha (15 months) 4 months back for some socialization, fun, and learning, but what we got was so much more !! Their facility is incredibly clean, the food is healthy and nutritious. The activities are educational and fun, they have a big backyard so the kids get plenty of exercise. The most important is they communicate constantly with parents so you always know the progress of your child. Megha's verbal, physical and social development has tremendously improved in the last 4 months. Megha loves to be with Miss Dona, her Mom and Ofcourse her Dad. And she looks forward to see you guys every morning. The pictures they sent some days back on request says that Megha is having fun and learning everyday. And the cute little craft work that they make kids to do on special days like Father's day, Mother's day are simply Superb!!!!! One word --Awesome!! My wife and I are extremely pleased with the care our daughter is receiving. U GUYS ROCK !!! I just have a suggestion. It would be great if you can include Potty training and lunch option in your existing program.

A Google User

If you are looking for a day care who provides really good care then this is the answer. We are sending our 3 years old daughter for more than one year and we are very satisfied. Our daughter loves Ms.Donna and her mother as they are very loving and caring. We highly recommend little hands day care to anyone who is looking for a really good day care.

Very good and safe place for child

We sent our kids there and we really liked it. She is the good teacher,care giver, patient and polite. Our kids always love to go there.If you are looking for a trust worthy person for your chid, THIS IS THE PLACE.

Exceptional Teacher

I am sending my daughter to 'Little Hands Family child care' since 1&1/2 yr & she is an excellent teacher.She is polite,caring,patient & a wonderful teacher in terms of education & caring.Me & my daughter will miss her when she goes to public school.She follows the montessori curriculum & pays attention towards each kid in the class.I would highly recommend her.

Great School

I sent both of my kids to this school and was more than satisfied with the care provided. The owner is a very caring lady and an exceptional teacher.I could see a difference in my children in the first few weeks. She gives them the right foundation on which a child can start her /his education.It is a great and a dependable school.

Exceptional care and very affordable

If you are looking for a place with exceptional care for your child then this is the place. My kid went to Little Hands Family Child Care when he was 18 months old. He absolutely loved it. I would highly recommend this day care to anyone.

Exceptional/the best of the best care for your lil one's

My son has been under the watchful, and dedicated eye of The Little Hands for over 2 years now. I can honestly say that time and time again without the assistance , and constant love from Dona my son would not be on the routine that he is on. She is the absolute best when it comes to the children. She always answers the door with a warm smile for both the child, and the parent when dropping off and picking up. She provides healthy snacks, and has wonderful Montessori lessons for all of the children depending on the age level. She is the most compassionate, kindhearted individual I have met in a long time. She has a passion for all the children, and is instrumental in getting the children ready for their next steps in to elementary school. I would highly recommend Little Hands Family Child Care! Dona is the best of the best!

Good Place for a toddler / child.

This place has been a very good beginning for my son, who started going to the Little Hands Family Child Care in Tustin, CA, when he was about 3Ĺ years in February 2008. He has been going there for almost the past 1Ĺ years now, and has improved himself a lot in all aspects, because of the personal attention, and care provided by the teacher, who is a Montessori trained teacher.
Education-wise, he is able to read multiple English words, able to do Math - additions, and subtractions. He has made a few good friends while he enjoyed his "stay" here during the day times.
The number of students intake is limited here, and that is the reason for the personal care / attention provided towards each of the students by the teacher. Overall, it is a good day care for a toddler, or a child.